Goodrich famous ice cream shoppe: Every scoop is a sweet memory that brings customers back.


Goodrich Ice Cream

Goodrich Famous Ice Cream Shoppes offer customers an experience they’ll recall from a simpler time. For operators, it’s the sweetest sales opportunity. For our customers, it’s a memorable taste of togetherness. Our premium products, sold from an authentically styled ice cream shop can include all the traditional choices, made from deliciously fresh ingredients--frosty cold milk shakes, floats bubbling over the top of the glass, cones stacked high with big scoops of ice cream in flavors as enticing as a candy counter. We also offer unique items like our rich, special recipe eggnog. Goodrich works hard to offer good, old-fashioned value for the money.


Moms with kids love the Goodrich experience. Our primary consumers are women, ages 25 to 40, with children. They typically buy ice cream as a snack in the late afternoon, or for an after-dinner treat. Weekends are also a popular time to bring the family together at Goodrich. While Mom and the kids are buying sandwiches or other food, our ice cream appeals to them with the promise of a sweet, wholesome treat.


When Baby-boomers think of where to go for an ice cream treat, they remember Goodrich. An icon of quality and fun throughout Nebraska and Iowa, the brand has a long history of excellence—and authentic Midwestern roots.

The dairy store chain was founded in 1932. “Going out for ice cream” was a special family occasion, and many sweet memories were created in the special “Goodrich” shoppes.

By the 1980s, the dairy store chain grew to more than 50 outlets in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, with annual revenues of $18 million. When competition threatened Goodrich milk sales, a group of Omaha investors bought the company and then sold it to Gillette Nebraska Dairies in 1991.

By 1995, Goodrich had embarked on a new business strategy—selling all but three of its corporate-owned stores to independent Goodrich operators. The licensing arrangements allowed them to build on the strength of the Goodrich brand and sell premium quality Goodrich products.

Today the brand lives on for Baby-boomers, looking for simple pleasures to make sweet memories for their families.

The company itself has the strong backing of a multi-national food company. Kemps LLC purchased Gillette Nebraska Dairies and Goodrich Dairy in July 1999.

Kemps LLC is headquartered in St. Paul, MN and has more than 1,000 employees serving customers throughout the U.S.